Brain Auth

The new way of auth for your users

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Technology and product

Technology provides a new secure way of biometrics and the possibility of identification and user verification. Our system is based on the brain’s EEG signals and allows real-time capturing of the unique EEG cast for user verification.

The product is an SDK that can be embedded by any software developer, and can be used as a method of user authorization for payments for goods and services in virtual reality, for the safe conduct of transactions in the smart home, for any of the Bank's services that require user authentication.

About us

We are elaborating the product that will allow any VR/AR/loT developer to enable their users a new way of authentication - the authentication with their mind. The technology is based on the unique EEG signal. ​

Our team is gathered from professionals in project management, science, mathematics and programming. In the next 2-3 years, we plan to launch the product on the market and completely change the idea of ​​authorization

Stanislav Voronov

Product management
Software development

Alexandr Drizhinin

Data Science
Software developmnet

 Vladimir Ageev

Data Analyst
Data Science
Software development

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